Air as building material - TECNOTEX as your partner

We have been successfully developing innovative and future-oriented products in close collaboration with our customers since 2002.

Thanks to the latest technologies and patented processes, we are able to industrially manufacture stable, pressurized structures not only in commonly seen round or bulging forms but also with convex, concave and flat surfaces.

«Swiss made» is something we use with pride. As a Swiss company, we strive for the highest quality.

Our product are both developed and produced in Switzerland. The wide range of our products is mirrored in the great variety of applications.

Implement your idea together with us, build for your future, and gain a decisive advantage in the marketplace.

Windrad mit Tecnotex Bauteil


Windrad mit Tecnotex Bauteil

Design Elements

Windrad mit Tecnotex Bauteil

Customized Products



Many years of professional experience in mechanics and textile engineering combined with working closely with our customers and a solution oriented way of thinking are the keys to our success.

In order to successfully translate our vision into a product, we develop new processes and installations, but count on the cooperation with our vast network of competent freelancers and international corporations.

The driving force in our enterprise is our managing director, Ruedi Leutert, who develops production-ready products from prototypes with great commitment, understanding and skill.

Our tight, experienced team also constructs and builds the equipment needed for production.